Alaska’s Source assisting in environmental site assessments, reports, set up, entry, and tear down. CONFINED SPACE 5

Alaska’s Source Group provides investigative and working set up services of Confined Spaces inclusive of Man holes, Vaults, underground storage tanks. CONFINED SPACE 2

Our services for this task include:

  • Strict conformance to OSHA standards relating to the handling and disposition of confined space hazardous materials, buried tanks and associates vapors or material below grade
  • Location of, including any historical or present information available regarding hazardous conditions, wall type, thickness, age and contents
  • Locate position and determine status of any buried lines servicing tank Determine exact location of tank through non-destructive techniques such as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), probing and vacuum excavations                                                      
  • Provide detailed confined space documentation of findings to include depths., material types, hazards and any other known conditions CONFINED SPACE 4

How Much Does It Cost?

 The cost of services depends on a wide variety of factors including but not limited to the quality level of data desired, the number and density of utilities present, the availability of existing utility records, the project area and geography, geophysical site conditions and the desired degree of survey documentation. confined space 1

 Alaska Source Group provides services to planners, engineers, surveyors, private ventures, and construction industry professionals providing detailed confined space documentation of findings to include depths, material types, hazards.