ISP and OSP Electrical Administrators

What does an electrical administrator/contractor do?

Electrical Administrators/contractors provide many services to a broad customer base. These services include data and electrical system design, prepare budget installation, installation of data and electrical systems, as well as maintenance and repair.electrical Administrators 1

Customers of an electrical administrator/contractor?

Customers include general contractors, utility companies, commercial businesses, developers, manufacturing facilities, retail businesses, etc …

How do electrical administrators/contractors interact with other segments of the electrical industry?

electrical administrators/contractors are in constant contact with:

  • power companies
  • telecommunication companies
  • engineers
  • architects
  • manufacturers electrical Administrators 8
  • distributors
  • public agencies
  • private businesses

What kinds of jobs are there in electrical and telecommunication administration/contracting?

Purchasing, material handling, estimating, engineering, Project Management, Design, Accounting, Electronics, construction professionals electrical Administrators 5

What kind of education or background is attractive to electrical administration/contracting?

A business degree is preferable, as well as experience in managing people, accounting, engineering, blue print reading, auto-cad, drafting, and computers, etc …